The mayor of a city shall be elected for a term of four years . . . [and] shall be an elector of the city (ORC 733.02). The mayor shall be the chief conservator of peace within the city. She/He may appoint and remove the director of public service, the director of public safety, and the heads of the sub departments of public service and public safety, and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as are conferred and required by law (ORC 733.03).

The [mayor] shall perform all the duties prescribed by the bylaws and ordinances of the municipal corporation. She/He shall see that all ordinances, bylaws, and resolutions of the legislative authority are faithfully obeyed and enforced. She/He shall sign all commissions, licenses, and permits granted by such legislative authority, or authorized by Title VII of the Revised Code, and such other instruments as by law or ordinances require his certificate (ORC 733.30).

At the first regular meeting in January of each year, and at such other times as the mayor deems expedient, she/he shall report to the legislative authority concerning the affairs of the municipal corporation, and recommend such measures as seem proper to him (ORC 733.41).

Current Office Holder

Cyndi Baronzzi Dickey was appointed to office of Mayor on August 8, 2022 and elected to her current, four-year term on November 7, 2023.

Cyndi, a retired Nursing Administrator, has resided in Salem since 2005, having previously lived in the City for 5 years in the late 70s and early 80s. She is a 1976 Lisbon David Anderson High School Graduate. She graduated from Kent State University in 1984. She also attended Walsh University for two years. Cyndi was elected for three, four year terms as the 4th Ward City Council Member beginning in 2011.

Cyndi and her husband, John, have three adult daughters and three adult sons and as of 2022, have ten grandchildren.

Mayor: Cyndi Baronzzi Dickey, (330) 332-4241
Email: [email protected]

Administrative Secretary: Debbie Bricker, (330) 332-4241 x1000




The auditor of a city shall be elected for a term of four years . . . [and] shall be an elector of the city (ORC 733.10). The city auditor shall keep the books of the city and exhibit accurate statements of all moneys received and expended, of all property owned by the city and the income derived there from, and of all taxes and assessments (ORC 733.11).

At the end of each fiscal year the city auditor shall audit the accounts of all officers and departments (ORC 733.12). The city auditor shall not allow the amount set aside for any appropriation to be overdrawn, or the amount appropriated for one item of expense to be drawn upon for any other purpose or allow a voucher to be paid unless sufficient funds are in the treasury of the municipal corporation to the credit of the fund upon which such voucher is drawn (ORC 733.13).

Current Office Holder

Sal Salvino is the Salem Auditor.

Auditor: Sal Salvino, (330) 332-4241 x1012
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Auditor: Renee Hilton, (330) 332-4241 x1011

Accounts Payable Clerk: Terri Shaffer, (330) 332-4241 x1010


Public Service & Safety Director


In each city there shall be a department of public service & safety which shall be administered by a director of public service & safety. The director shall be appointed by the mayor. He shall make rules and regulations for the administration of the affairs under his supervision (ORC 735.01).

The director of public service & safety shall manage and supervise all public works and undertakings of the city, except as otherwise provided by law.

The director shall supervise the improvement and repair of streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, drains, ditches, culverts, the lighting, sprinkling, and cleaning of public places, and the construction of public improvements and public works.

The director shall manage lighting, heating, power, garbage, and other undertakings of the city, and shall make and preserve surveys, maps, plans, drawings, and estimates. He shall supervise the construction and have charge of the maintenance of public buildings and other property of the city not otherwise provided for in Title VII. He shall have the management of all other matters provided by the legislative authority of the city in connection with the public service thereof (ORC 735.02).

As Director of Public Service and Safety, the Director is also responsible for the police and fire departments. The Police Chief and Fire Chief manage their respective departments with oversight provided by the Service and Safety Director.


Electrical Division
The electrical division has one full-time employee on call and provides constant electrical service to all city-owned lift stations, waste water and water plants, traffic signals, and buildings.

Traffic & Safety Division
This division also has one full-time employee on call and provides constant care and monitoring of all traffic signs, barricades, and road markings.

Planning & Zoning Division
The HPZ division has one full-time employee and enforces the zoning ordinances of the city.

Housing Inspection Division
The housing inspection division has two part-time housing inspector and enforces the Salem City Housing Code.

Street Division
The largest division, it has eight full-time, on-call employees; one foreman; and one full-time, on-call mechanic. The street division maintains 64 miles of paved streets, as well as 27 miles of both paved and gravel alleys; 1,200 feet of culvert; 41,580 feet of drain pipe; and 110,880 feet of storm sewer pipe.

Current Office Holder

Joe Cappuzzello was appointed Director of Public Service in November 2020.

Joe is a Youngstown, Ohio native that has lived in Salem since 1985. He graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Joe is a Certified Public Accountant & Certified Fraud Examiner and has spent his business career in Accounting, Finance and Management.

Joe has been married to his wife Amy since 1984, and they have five children, Julie, Jenny, Ryan, Mary & John who are all Salem High graduates.

Public Service & Safety Director: Joe Cappuzzello, (330) 332-4241 x1002
Email: [email protected]

Streets Foreman: Shawn Smith




The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall be elected for a term of four years [and] shall be an elector of the municipal corporation (ORC 733.42). The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall keep an accurate account of: (A) All moneys received by him; (B) All disbursements made by him. In addition to the ordinary duties of such treasurer, he shall have such powers and perform such duties as are required by any ordinance of the municipal corporation, not inconsistent with Title VII of the Revised Code, and not incompatible with the nature of his office (ORC 733.43).

The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall demand and receive, from the county treasurer, taxes levied and assessments made, moneys accruing to the municipal corporation, and debts due the municipal corporation. Such funds shall be disbursed by the treasurer on the order of any person authorized by law or ordinance to issue orders there for (ORC 733.44). The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall receive and disburse all funds of the municipal corporation and such other funds as arise in or belong to any department or part of the municipal corporation (ORC 733.46).

Current Office Holder

Tod A. Mumpire is the current Treasurer.

Treasurer: Tod A. Mumpire, (330) 332-4241 x1033
Email: [email protected]