Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Commission is a 3-member board, appointed by the Mayor, with each member serving a 6-year term. The Commission meets in a public session and, governed by the Ohio Revised Code, prescribes, amends, and enforces rules for classification of positions in the civil service of the City government. These rules include matters such as examinations, resignations, appointments, promotions, removals, transfers, layoffs, suspensions, reductions, hearings, and reinstatements.

The Civil Service Commission meets once a month, please see our facebook page for dates and times


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There are no job openings at this time.

Chairman: Don Yeasted
Email: [email protected]

Member: Marcie Crowell

Member: Scott Yakubek

Clerk: Kim Hoffman

Contact: City Hall Secretary: Debbie Bricker, (330) 332-4241 x1000