Downtown Commercial Buildings 2023 Grant Information

Project: The City of Salem will offer matching funds to qualifying Downtown building owners for work completed to Improvements to the rear areas of Downtown Buildings. Downtown Commercial Building Grants will be up to 50% of the project cost, with a maximum grant of $1,000.

Purpose: Improve the appearance of Downtown Buildings that can be viewed by the public from City Streets and Alleys. Enclose dumpsters in an attractive way, to hide them from public view. Paint the back of buildings. Improve usage and feeling of safety in the parking areas and backs of buildings.


  1. Building owners may submit the cost estimate of work to be completed to the Mayor’s office along with a detailed description and drawing.
  2. The Review Committee scores the project according to the established method below. The Review Committee is made up of the Mayor, Service & Safety Director and a member of the Downtown Committee of City Council.
  3. Notice will be given to qualifying Projects.
  4. When the Project has been completed according to the specifications, the owner notifies the Service & Safety Director and provides a copy of the paid invoice.
  5. The Review Committee inspects the work. Once the Downtown Commercial Building Grant has received final approval by the Review Committee, the financial grant is presented to the owner.

Method of Scoring: 

On a scale of 0-5, with 0 being none and 5 being maximum

  • Visibility of the work from Pershing, Lincoln, Ellsworth, State and Second Streets 0-5
  • Visibility of the work from a downtown alley 0-5
  • Improved impact to the city in the areas of cleanliness, attractiveness, and curb appeal 0-5
  • Improved usage of the surrounding area 0-5
  • Improved feeling of safety to the surrounding area 0-5

Location of project in the downtown area (between Lincoln & Ellsworth and Pershing & Second)

Download Grant Application

You can download the grant application below to print out. There are additional instructions on the application.

Download the Downtown Buildings Grant Application here.