Residential Sidewalk Project Information

Project: The city of Salem will offer a grant of up to $50 for each qualifying section of sidewalk that a property owner replaces in the residential area of the city.  A section of side walk is considered to be approximately 5’ x 5’ (measurement). The maximum Residential Sidewalk Project Grant is $500.

Purpose: Improve the safety and appearance of residential neighborhoods in regard to sidewalks. Financially assist and encourage city property owners to improve the sidewalks on their residential frontage.


  1. The property owner submits a detailed plan including an estimate and drawing for the sidewalk repair project to the Mayor’s Office, in person or by mail at:
    231 S. Broadway, Salem, OH 44460.
  2. The Review Committee scores the project according to the established method below. The Review Committee is made up of the Housing Inspector, the Mayor, the Safety/Service Director, and a member of the Residential Committee of City Council.
  3. Notice is given to the qualifying Projects.
  4. When the project has been completed according to the specifications, the owner notifies the Housing Inspector and provides a copy of the paid invoice.
  5. The Review Committee inspects the work. Once the Sidewalk Project has received final approval of the Review Committee, the financial grant is presented to the owner.

Method of Scoring: 

(The higher the score, the more severe the risk)

  • The sidewalk sections are a safety risk due to lifting 0-5
  • The sidewalk sections are a safety risk due to sinking 0-5
  • The sidewalk sections are a safety risk due to cracks 0-5
  • The sidewalk sections are a risk to safety due to crumbling 0-5

Download Grant Application

You can download the Residential Sidewalk Project 2023 Grant Application below to print out. There are additional instructions on the application.

Download the Residential Sidewalk Project Application here.